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💡A question from a subscriber.

«I work as a caretaker at a cemetery related to the improvement of the «N» district. The cemetery’s management takes its guards out for mandatory street work every 4 days. I wanted to know if they have the right to do this.»

‼️According to article 7 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, coercion to perform work under threat of any punishment (including as a means of maintaining labor discipline) is prohibited.
However , the work that requires:
🔹on the basis of legislative acts on military or alternative service;
🔹in a state of emergency;
🔹as a result of the court verdict that has entered into legal force;
🔹in other cases provided for by law.
It is not considered forced labor.

‼️Also, according to article 51 of the Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Administrative Responsibility, Administrative coercion to work in any form, except in cases provided for by law,
entails the imposition of a fine from 50 to 100 basic calculation units.

#Source ✅
🔹 Article 7 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
🔹Article 51 Of The Code Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan On Administrative Responsibility

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