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📝 I’m not divorced yet, but I’m going to. We have one daughter. When I leave for Russia to work after a divorce, will the amount of alimony increase depending on my place of residence?


💡Answer: The amount of alimony can be established by agreement between the former spouses, or by the court in the amount of: for one common child — 1/4 of the income; for two common children — 1/3 of the income; for three or more common children — half of the income. But the amount of alimony should not be less than 26.5% of the minimum wage established by law.


📌 The court takes into account all types of income received on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and also abroad too. Income received in foreign currency will be taken into account according to the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of collection of alimony in soums.


📌 Thus, the amount of alimony does not depend on your place of residence, and if your income in Russia increases, accordingly, the amount of alimony will also increase.


✅ Source: Articles 99, 104 of the Family Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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