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💡 The procedure for the provision of state services for the admission of children to the first grade has been determined

📌Children in grade 1 are accepted in the year when they turn 7 years old.

📌 No fee is charged from the applicant for the provision of public services. To be admitted to school, the applicant must register through the unified portal of interactive public services from June 20 to July 31 in microdistrict where this applicant’s residence is located or on the electronic services portal of the Ministry of Public Education.

📌 If there is no class in the language of education in the selected school at the address of the applicant’s residence, another school located in the nearby area will be attached to his microdistrict.

📌 After filling out the questionnaire, it is considered by the territorial department of public education within 3 working days and sent to the school in the microdistrict or returned with an indication of the reason, also notifying the applicant.

📌 The applicant with his child goes to the school in the microdistrict according to the online queue and submits a medical certificate about the child’s health to the school.
The decision to enroll or refuse to enroll a child in school is made by the school selection committee within 1 working day.

📌 The Admissions Committee may refuse to enroll a child in school in the following cases:

🔹 if the medical certificate does not recommend schooling;
🔹 if the child does not have elementary conversational skills in the chosen language of education;
🔹 if there is found any inaccurate data in the questionnaire.

📌 Children by microdistricts are accepted to school from August 1 to August 15 of each year. This procedure applies only to schools of the system of the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan.

✅ Source: Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan No. 295 of 06/01/2022 «On further improvement of the provision of public services in the public education system».

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