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💡 For small entrepreneurs, a loan of up to 5 billion soums will be allocated, in total, a credit line in the equivalent of 300 million US dollars will be allocated to banks to finance the activities of small businesses.

📌 At the same time:

🔹 a credit line is allocated to commercial banks in national currency for a period of 7 years, including a three-year grace period, at a rate of 10 percent per annum;

🔹 loans are provided by banks for the implementation of projects in the field of production and provision of services in the amount of up to 5 billion soums for a period of up to 5 years, including a grace period of up to two years, at a rate of 14 percent per annum;

🔹 loans are allocated to business entities with a duration of up to six months in the amount of up to one billion soums, from six months to one year — up to two billion soums, from one year to two years — up to three billion soums, from two to three years — up to four billion soums, more than three years — up to five billion soums;

🔹 at least 70 percent of the credit line funds are allocated to entrepreneurs operating in the territory outside the city of Nukus, administrative centers of regions and cities of regional subordination

✅ Source: President Decree «On measures to further expand the mechanisms for financing entrepreneurial projects in the regions.»

Поделитесь с друзьями

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