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📌 The employer is obliged to arrange for preliminary medical examination at the conclusion of an employment contract and periodic (during work) medical examinations of the following employees:

🔹employee under the age of eighteen;

🔹 men who have reached the age of sixty, women who have reached the age of fifty-five;

🔹disabled people;

🔹employed in jobs with unfavorable working conditions, night jobs, as well as in jobs related to traffic;

🔹employed at work in the food industry, trade and other industries that directly serve the population;

🔹 pedagogical and other employees of general education schools, preschool educational organizations and other institutions directly involved in the education or upbringing of children.

📌 The employee has the right to demand an extraordinary medical examination if he believes that the deterioration of his health is related to working conditions.

📌 Employees do not bear the cost of medical examinations.

✅ Source: article 214 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


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