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📌 New terms have been introduced — for example, the concepts of parcels, postal couriers and courier items.

📌 The Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications (formerly the Cabinet of Ministers) was appointed as the authorized state body in the field of postal communications. Control in the regions is now carried out by Uzkomnazorat.

📌 The concept of secrecy of correspondence was replaced by the secrecy of postal items. It includes information about the address data, about postal and courier items and their content, as well as the postal and courier items themselves.

📌 Now operators and postal service providers on a contractual basis have the right to provide postal and courier services in Uzbekistan.

📌 In addition to postal services, operators and providers have received the right to provide banking services on the basis of outsourcing. They can also engage in e-commerce, storage and delivery of goods.

📌The term for accepting a claim due to non-delivery, late delivery, loss, damage to postal and courier items, or non-payment of transferred funds has been reduced to 6 (previously — 12) months from the date of submission of the item.

📌 An additional obligation of users of postal services is indicated — not to allow prohibited substances and items to be sent. The responsibility of users for damage caused to other users, operators or providers as a result of sending prohibited items and substances in shipments or their improper packaging has been introduced.

✅ Source: Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On Postal Communication» in the new edition.

Поделитесь с друзьями

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