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📌 one-time financial assistance to young people in difficult life situations in the amount of up to 4 BCA;
📌reimbursement of up to 75 percent of the costs of entrepreneurship training and vocational training for young people — according to the calculation: for training courses lasting up to one month — 4 BCA, from one to two months — 8 BCA, more than two months — 12 BCA;
📌young people registered as entrepreneurs or self-employed persons will be reimbursed 30 percent of the costs per year for a 12-month rental of non-residential premises in which they carry out their activities, but not more than 25 BCA;
📌 students studying in professional educational organizations of the republic, as well as studying in all higher educational organizations of Uzbekistan on full-time, part-time and evening forms of bachelor’s and full-time master’s programs, are reimbursed for part of the annual costs of training on a paid contract basis;

📌 the cost of renting non-residential premises for a period of up to 3 months of a non-state educational organization specializing in teaching young people in the field of education, culture and art, sports, information technology and various subjects is covered in the amount of up to 50 BCA;
📌 unsecured loans in the amount of up to 33 million soums will be provided to marriage unions of young people with up to 3 years of living together for the construction of additional housing in their own homes.

📌 Amount of subsidies:

🔹 up to 8 BCA — for the purchase of seeds and seedlings on the land allocated for youth from 0.1 hectare to 1 hectare of land;
🔹 up to 40 BCA — for the purchase of equipment or tools for young people who want to start an entrepreneurial or self-employed activity;
🔹monthly in the amount of up to 4 BCA — for training young people in modern professions, mastering information technologies and teaching them foreign languages for up to 6 months;
🔹 up to 1 BCA — for youth training courses in science, sports, arts and culture lasting up to six months;
🔹 up to 4 BCA — for the participation of youth in the local stages of the Olympiads, competitions and competitions in the areas of science, sports, art and culture to cover the cost of living and transport, up to 40 BCA for participation in the international stages of these Olympiads, competitions and competitions;
🔹 up to 50 BCA — to cover the costs associated with the treatment of young people in the country or abroad, included in the «Youth Notebook»;
🔹 up to 3 BCA — for compensation for rent for up to 12 months to young socially unprotected families monthly.

✅ Source: Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan No. 312 “Regulations on the procedure for systematically solving youth problems and their social support by maintaining a “Youth Notebook” of 06/07/2022.

Поделитесь с друзьями

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