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🔹 for the installation of light-weight greenhouses — up to 30 BCA (up to 8 million 100 thousand soums);
🔹 for the purchase of irrigation funds — up to 10 BCA (up to 2 million 700 thousand soums);
🔹 for the purchase of seeds and seedlings — up to 3 BCA (up to 810 thousand soums);
🔹 unemployed citizens, members of low-income families and persons who have returned from external labor migration, to contribute as a share to the authorized funds of agricultural cooperatives created in order to ensure their employment — up to 10 BCA (up to 2 million 700 thousand soums);

🔹 to persons engaged in manual weaving of carpets and silk fabrics as part of the “Uzbekipaksanoat” Association, to cover the costs of acquiring a weaving machine for carpets and silk fabrics, subject to the creation of at least 3 jobs, for each weaving machine — up to 10 BCA (up to 2 million 700 thousand soums);
🔹 to members of the Association «Development of pasture farming», subject to the creation of at least one workplace, to cover the cost of purchasing equipment for manual labor — up to 10 BCA (up to 2 million 700 thousand soums);
🔹 for individuals, in the period from April 1, 2022 to January 1, 2025, to cover the cost of training at training courses in the direction of «fish farming in households» — a lump sum allowance in the amount not exceeding 2 BCA (540 thousand soums);
🔹 unemployed citizens who want to start entrepreneurial and self-employed activities, including those included in the «Iron Notebook», «Women’s Notebook» and «Youth Notebook», to purchase the equipment necessary to start activities, tools of labor — up to 7 million soums, for women — up to 10 million soums;
🔹 unemployed citizens starting a business to pay rent for buildings and structures received within the first 3 months after state registration as a business entity, up to 10 BCA (up to 2 million 700 thousand soums) (with a subsidy paid within three months, paid for each month with even distribution during these months);
🔹 for the expenses of the membership fee to the association of artisans «Hunarmand» — in the amount of the membership fee;
🔹 for unemployed persons registered at the Center for the Promotion of Employment of the Population, who wish to start an entrepreneurial activity, for registration as an individual entrepreneur, for state registration of small enterprises and micro-firms, a one-time allowance for the payment of related expenses;
🔹 artisans (potters) who teach young people the craft on the basis of the “usta-shogirt” traditions, to train students, purchase the necessary raw materials and provide students with wages — monthly for 6 months in the amount of at least 2 BCA (540 thousand soums);
🔹 students, for the purchase of the necessary equipment and equipment to start independent activities, as well as for masters, for creating websites, promoting their products on world electronic trading platforms and advertising — in the amount of 50 percent, but not more than 25 BCA (6 million 750 thousand soums).
📌 Also, in order to train students or to provide students with a salary, young people who want to learn a craft based on the “Usta-shogirt” traditions, or masters who teach (or want to teach) a craft, a monthly subsidy of up to 4 BCA is allocated for 3 months for each student (but not more than five students), for the following professions that are difficult to learn in the classrooms of Vocational Training Centers:
🔹 auto-tuning, installation and repair of household appliances, repair and adjustment of computers, video and photography, repair and assembly of furniture, hairdressing services, manicure, pedicure, cosmetologist services, creation and processing of multimedia, design and art materials, development and technical support of software, information systems, mobile applications and websites.

📌People wishing to use the subsidy apply to the hokim’s assistant at their permanent place of residence in writing form or through the «Online-mahalla» electronic platform with a request for a recommendation.

✅ Source: Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 252 “Regulations on the procedure for allocating subsidies from the Fund for Involving the Population in Entrepreneurship of the Agency for the Work of Mahallabai and Entrepreneurship Development” dated 11.05.2022

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