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📝 Is non-public educational institution one of the forms of non-governmental non-profit organizations?
🔸 Can a non-state educational institution use the benefits provided for non-state non-profit organizations?

The activity of a non-state non-profit organization is regulated on the basis of the Law “On Non-State Non-Profit Organizations” and “On the Procedure for State Registration of Non-State Non-Profit Organizations”, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 57 of March 10, 2014

📌 Non-state non-profit organizations can be created in the form of a public association, public fund, institution, as well as in another form provided for by legislative acts.

📌 State registration of non-state non-profit organization is carried out by the justice authorities. If non-state educational institution created by the requirements of the above mentioned acts, then it is a non-governmental non-profit organization.

✅ Source: Article 10 of the Law of Republic of Uzbekistan “On non-state non-profit organizations”, Law of Republic of Uzbekistan “On the procedure for state registration of non-state non-profit organizations”

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